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Nail Tips & Tricks

No one likes a fresh mani/pedi filled with bubbles and streaks. Use our helpful hints for a flawless application every time to last for days!

1- Use the bathroom!! Nothing more annoying than having to unbutton or remove clothing with freshly painted nails.

2- Wash your hands. Our polish works great with non oily clean fingers.

3- Gather all your supplies and lay them out in a well lit ventilated area.

4- Shake your bottles of polish before applying especially our gel polish. Our gel polish is thicker so it helps to shake it up some before applying.

5- If you're not that good at painting your non-dominant hand, start with painting your dominant hand first. You'll be less shaky. Move around the fingers you are painting, instead of moving your brush. Use short strokes. Our gel polish is much thicker than our normal polish so a little goes a long way. Make sure to use a thin layer for each coat applied.

6- No matter how long or short your nails are start on the left most tip of each nail and drag your brush along the edge covering the entire tip. "Capping each nail" This seals the the polish off on the tip of the nail and extends the life of your application. Do the same when applying your top coat

7- Always start with a base coat. Let each layer dry before applying the next making sure to seal it with a kiss.. well more like a top coat!  

      7a- When applying gel polish make sure your nails are completely dry and allow each coat to cure in a UV/LED lamp no less than 30 seconds before applying the next coat. Remove any access gel polish before each cure to ensure that you are only curing polish on your actual nail. 

      7b- Allow the top coat to cure for 60 seconds after applying. 

      7c- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Apply some cuticle oil or hand cream.

8- Wear gloves for an added measure when working with your hands around the house especially when washing dishes.

9- When removing regular polish make sure to use a soy based non acetone nail polish remover, washing your hands after fully removing the polish.

10- When removing gel polish make sure to use an acetone remover only allowing the remover to touch the nail. Gel polish is best removed by soaking a cotton ball in acetone, then applying the cotton ball to the nail wrapping the entire finger tip in foil (ensuring the cotton ball is fully covering the nail bed). Allow each nail to soak for 10 minutes covered before using a cuticle pusher to push off the old polish. If some polish still remains re- apply the cotton ball to the nail covering again in foil to allow the nail to soak for another 5 minutes. Wash your hands after full removal. 


Photo courtesy of addictive Pinterest